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This is a simple webpage about me, nextRound.

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About me:

I am nextRound (or Matthias/Matthew in real life) a hobby programmer and gamer. I really like foxes and every other fluffy animal. I am actively playing Counter Strike : Global Offensive since January 2017 and it is one of my favourite computer games. I also started with developing plugins in java for Minecraft 4 years ago but i swapped over to web development in 2018. Music is a very important part of my life not only to relax but also to play a instrument called Hammered dulcimer. I love to meet with friends and play computer games with them. Summer is my favourite season because it is hot and my favourite event GamesCom happens every year in august.



nextColors is a plugin to easily color your minecraft buildings. It can changes automatically with a brush the colors of your used blocks darker or brighter! You can create also your own color-gradients and more!



With nextRotate you can create FAWE region of an object and copy it with "/nrd". Than you can paste your clipboard with "/nr" in your line of sight!